Raghouse International Knitwear | This Low Cut V Neck Knit Dress and Top is our Number One Global Seller | Knit Pattern Now Available

I can tell you that I am absolutely in love with this design which came about by accident really. My first sample was visualized as a knit scarf after which I would play around with joining some edges and leaving others open.
I twisted, turned, and placed the sample diagonally on my dress form and, well, there you have it. The Body Knit Top was born first and then eventually lengthened to become a dress. 


To my surprise the Body Knit Top and Dress became my number one seller. Once I discovered that the top could be worn up to 10 ways and the dress 4 it was a hit. I have sold many across the globe in custom sizes from US 0 to US 16 and they can be worn with many layers underneath. Some like to wear the dresses alone as an after 5 cocktail dress.

A few years later I made an adjustment to the garment by adding armholes which allowed the drape in the back to hang better. These armholes are invisible when worn various ways but give the option for the neck to be cooler by not have knit fabric gathered around that area. 

The best part of having a knit pattern for the top and dress is that they can be adorned any way you like. Check out the sequins and edgings I added to the dresses below. I even created some dresses and tops with a gathered waist. So you can make them dazzle or keep them simple and cozy. 

The pattern has all of the detailed information you need to create your own Raghouse International Body Knit Top or Dress. Also, think of making one as a maxi. They are the most stylish ever with sandals. When you purchase your pattern and make the garment let me know by emailing me. I am always curious as to how they come out when made by other hands. 

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