What is Raghouse International?
Raghouse International is a fashion design and accessories company founded by Renaissance Marie Austin. Our niche is crochet, knitwear, and accessories of which we manufacture. 

Where is Raghouse International located?
Starting January 2022 Raghouse International will be solely working online through e-commerce.

What are your online customer service response hours?
Customers may reach out to us through our contact form. However, our correspondence hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm PT. All inquiries sent over the weekend will be addressed on Mondays.

How do I contact you?
You may contact Raghouse International by using our contact form.

What is your business model?
Our business model bridges the gap between the maker (people who knit and crochet) and the wearer (consumers who do not knit or crochet). Through the years, from hands-on experience, we have realized that our designs are quite popular with wearers as well as makers which traditionally and historically are not the norm. Often times there is huge separation between the yarn industry and the commercial fashion industry and Raghouse International has modeled a way to service both interests. We provide finished garments like a retail boutique as well as patterns, kits, workshops like an independent yarn shop.

What forms of payments do you accept?
We except Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal through our Ecwid Stores and Ravely Pattern Shop Integrations. 

What fibers do you work with?
Because we are a California based company our fibers mostly include blends or 100% of cottons, linens, bamboo, and acrylics. We also use wool blends but not as much as if we were in New York or European countries. We like to source locally and research and engage in the most ethical practices for the planet. 

What are product stories?
At Raghouse International we believe every product has a story so we wanted to find a balance between a regular virtual catalog of product listings and product stories. We know that in the world of craft blogging stories are popular and essential to show how a product fits into a customer's lifestyle. Products for sale are written in blog post format with options to buy now or add to cart as well as listed in any one of our stores located in the tabs bar. All articles are tagged and show up under the explore column. They are also linked directly to the store they are featured in. Feel free to click through the link list of explore categories on our home page to view all items within that category. Some products will be in multiple categories.

What are custom orders and how long do they take to ship?
Custom orders are orders that involve submitting sizing, measuring, and custom colors. It is an item that is bespoke and specifically made for you from OUR design collections. This is NOT commission work. There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on bespoke items. Custom orders can be found under custom orders in the explore column with more details on how to purchase. 

What are Ready-to-ship orders?
Ready-to-ship orders are Raghouse International products that are already made, in inventory, and ready to ship. 

How do I purchase a product?
You may purchase a product by visiting any one of our stores located in the tabs bar or the explore column on our home page and by navigating through the link list of categories for the items you are interested in. Once you find an item you would like to purchase from a product story or store you will have the option to buy now or add to cart. If you add to cart you can continue shopping on the website. If you click buy now you can check out immediately through our Ecwid or Ravelry integration system. 

Where do your products ship from?
Our products ship from Los Angeles, California.

How do you calculate shipping?
Shipping is calculated by weight and location, domestically, or internationally. Options included flat rate domestic, priority, and domestic express, or international express. Customer will cover cost of shipping. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, while international shipping has increased over the years, we do ship internationally if client desires international shipping. Customer will cover cost of international shipping. 

What happens if my package is lost, stolen, or never received?
Once packages are handed over to our local postal facility we have no control over what happens to a client's package during transit. In our 20 years of business most shipping experiences have been positive while less than five incidents have been negative. We understand the possibilities. Please be sure to use tracking to find your package as best you can if a negative situation occurs. We can not be liable for packages that have never been received or have been lost or stolen. 

What happens if I am not happy with my order?
Because we are a small operation we can not allow returns, exchanges, or refunds. Please do not order a product, wear it, and then return it without our knowledge. We are not Macy's. If there is an issue with your order please contact us by using our form. From there we will request photos and if we feel we have completely messed up on our part, we will take the item back, make corrections and return the product to you. This can be a tedious process, but well worth it. With very minor exception we will issue a refund if there is absolutely no resolve. 

What is your returns, exchange, refund policy?
Because we are a small operation we cannot issue refunds, exchanges, or returns. Please see above.

Do you hold workshops?
Currently, Raghouse International is not holding physical or virtual workshops. Stay tuned for information about workshops in the future. 

Do you have patterns for sale and if so how do I purchase them?
You can purchase patterns by visiting our Ravelry Pattern Store

What is commission work?
Commission work is NOT a custom product from our catalog. It is usually a creative art project commissioned by an organization or individual outside of our normal offerings. It is what the client wants and involves finding or drafting a pattern for the project.  Commission projects work by a formula and the process is as follows:

Cost of Materials + 0.25 cents per yard used (converted to grams and weighed at the finish)
Pattern Research/Finder fee - $15
Pattern Drafting Fee (if applicable) - $25 (small items) - $150 (advanced garments one full piece or two or more pieces)
Shipping or travel cost

Why do I need to fill out a customer profile?
Filling out a customer profile will help us to better serve your specific needs. We want to know our customer well. Also, at random, we send out gifts to our customers as a special thank you for simply supporting us. We look forward to celebrating your birthday and other meaningful occasions in your life. Thank you for becoming a part of the family. Click here to fill our your customer profile.

What is a livestream shopping party and how do I view it?
Live stream shopping parties are real time virtual shopping experiences thousands of viewers can take part in at one time. Onlookers view products and claim them. When the livestream ends claimants are contacted and the sale is completed. Currently we are solidifying the platform in which we are to hold our livestreams. Look forward to updates in the near future. Fill out a customer profile to help us better prepare.

Do you have a subscription service?
We do not have a subscription service right now, but are in the planning stages of creating a monthly box service. Look forward to updates in the near future. Fill out a customer profile to help us better prepare.

Do you provide gift certificates and sales codes?
Raghouse International is currently in the planning stages of setting up our gift certificate purchases and sales codes. Look forward to more information in the near future. 

If your inquiries are not address here please contact us.