Raghouse International Knitwear | Birthday Celebrations! I Finally Made it to the Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree, California | Renaissance Marie Austin

Hi Guys! This year, in 2021, my twin and I celebrated our 42nd birthday by taking a day trip to Joshua Tree, California of which we do not live far from. I must say it was an amazing day and we got quite a bit done in a short time! We went to Pioneer Town,
 grabbed coffee, food, went on a hike, visited the Keys Lookout over Indio and Coachella Valley. We drove to look at airbnbs and other architectural homes (my brother is crazy about architecture and renovation projects). The desert is one of may favorite places. It's a place where there is open land, mountains, unique art and music. For years I have received Shari Elf's email newsletter after my discovery of her Crochet Museum about fifteen years ago. Can you believe it? Yes, it has taking me a long time to get there, but 2021 was absolute perfect timing. I was not disappointed at all. 

I took three of my handmade crochet masks for a donation to the museum. Hopefully, lol. I thought it would be a great idea to show them as a reminder of the times whether for masks or against them. 

One could actually spend a lot of time inside the Crochet Musuem which is a tiny vintage photo booth. Three people can fit inside comfortably and there are so many things to look at.

I took a few photos of some random crochet pieces and many of my favorites that I have seen online throughout the years are still there. 

Here's to the welcome messege. 

The Art Queen gallery and property is one of the most raw and earthy places I have been to. It is clear she wants you to spend ample time there. Outside of the museum we took time to walk around and look at all of the installations and visit other shops. It appears nothing is wasted here. Just about anything that exist is used for art in some fasion or form. It would have been nice to finally meet Shari Elf in person but she was not there. I can not wait to go back to this place and explore more of Joshua Tree, California.