Raghouse International Knitwear | Beyonce's Black is King Exhibits Amazing Knitwear Design

I have to admit that I am not a part of the Beyhive. It is Billie Eilish who owns me and has taken over my life. So much so I do not know how I'm a productive adult even. However, I will say, finally seeing Black is King was life changing for me on so many levels. In this article I will simple talk about a few looks that captivated me. 
So, how did this all happen? I mean, I have not listened to a full Beyonce album since her first solo R&B record and while there have been some great singles released over the span of her career she lost me throughout most of it. Lemonade was a disappointment in my opinion. I understood what the purpose was supposed to be but it all flew over my head like a hawk. The movies were great. Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records, but halfway through 2020 in comes Black is King, a masterpiece.

A couple of months ago I was at my office with a client and I showed her my fashion film. When it was done she said it reminded her of Black is King. I was surprised and thought the notion was interesting. In 2020 when the film premiered I was not interest in seeing it because of my disappointment over Lemonade. But that day in my office she pulled up Black is King on her laptop and we began watching as we worked. We made it about fourty minutes into the film before we were done working for the day. By this time I was mind blown! I was immediately captivated by the hair, makeup, and diverse fashion looks. Not only that, but there was crochet and crochet influence all throughout the film! I went home that night and completed the rest of the film, oooohhh, about fifteen more times!

In this post I want to highlight the looks that brought crochet inspiration.  Not all pieces are hand crocheted, yet I am able to get ideas on how to create pieces similar to these looks. 

Below is a gorgeous poncho that can be re-created using a doily pattern and colorful dk cotton. A sparkling metallic blend yarn can be used to create the mesh and long fringe. 

My first thought in regards to this lovely ruffle dress is that it looks like Red Heart's Sashay yarn in its finished scarf form. While this dress is sewn from a different fabric the same idea can be created with a wide and flat fiber or even the proper trimming with open holes along the top of edging.

You already know I was taken by the white crochet dresses in this film which can easily be created with crochet circles of various sizes and then assemble together accordingly. 

While I do not do beadwork myself, I have always loved beadwork patterns of African and Native people as well as tribes throught South America. Here, the ladies are adorned with a white beaded collar, beaded wig caps, and bracelets for a wedding that is taking place in this scene. 

In conclusion, Black is King is not only a masterful body of work, there lies within an abundance of beauty, fashion, hair, and craft inspiration. I suggest this film to everyone.