Harry Styles Sports A Crochet Top in his "Watermelon Sugar" Music Video and it's a Win

20 years ago when I started my business as a young entrepreneur I was confronted with confused, embarrassed, or non-interested facial expressions when it came to crochet.
 Because I was an impressionable 22 year old I would get asked, "Isn't that for grandmothers?". It was heartbreaking. I felt proud and honored that my grandmother taught me a skill I loved and became passionate about. One of my many dreams was to see crochet become so mainstrain that celebrities and artists of all mediums would see the value in fiber and included it in their fashion ensembles and art projects. 

Now in 2021, I believe we are seeing a great revival of crochet from musicians and fashion brands alike. Check out this crochet top from Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" music video. It is full of 1970's aesthetic and is the cutest thing ever. I appreciate that he pushes the fashion envelope by taking on garments that have a more feminine quality. 

I also want to say congratulations on Harry's Grammy win for "Watermelon Sugar". It is well deserved. I remember driving in my car one day and "Watermelon Sugar" came on the radio and immediately I was taken. It is a song that stands out among a plethora of music that sounds indistinctive. He has an amazing voice and overall sound.